Moterų bėgimas 2016 (Women’s running marathon against breast cancer)
Short information about event:

Fourth time in Lithuania organized running event annually inviting not only run together with hundreds of like-minded women, but also reminiscent of caring for their own health importance. A beautiful summer tradition uniting all Lithuanian woman.

Running event each year attracts an increasing number of running women enthusiasts. 2016 year run must have registered even 1,504 participants. Even 377 of them were the most youngest children running participants.

Women’s Runs are extremely popular around the world and encourages women to remember a healthy and active lifestyle. This year’s women’s running goal – to remind about breast cancer prevention and the importance of self-test and show that taking care of your health can be easy and fun.

Bagfactory is happy to announce the sponsorship of Moterų Bėgimas 2016 women’s running marathon against breast cancer in Lithuania. Special eco-friendly non-woven pp shopping bags were produced for this event.

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